Project Description

Craft Your Online Presence!


Course Description

This immersive intensive training course is intended for those fresh graduates or employees looking to jumpstart their careers in web crafting. It requires dedication and focus, and if successfully completed, it can lead to a progressive career as a web developer.

To ensure proper understanding of the material, you will be given a preparatory material to help get you up to speed with the basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is mandatory to understand this material before you dive deep into the interesting world of web development.

This course covers a vast range of skills, techniques and tools needed to build a fully fledged website. Whether you are building a personal or a business website, this course will guide you through all the steps including domain management, hosting websites, C-panel, DNS records, FTP management, MySQL, SSL/TLS, CMS, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Design concepts, HTML, CSS, Shopping Cart, Form submissions, website optimisation, and website security.